Home Fire Damage From Outdoor Grills

Structural Fires Caused By Barbecues And Grills Cause An Average Of $118,000,000 In Property Damage Per Year

Home Fires Involving Grills Fact Sheet


The National Fire Protection Association produces valuable research information regarding Fires, Fire Safety and Fire Damage.  They also help develop Fire Codes used by many states and municipalities.   Residential home fires are the most frightening for most people due to the danger they bring and potential for injury.  Not to mention the massive amount of property damage.  Much of the damage can not be measured in dollars, but lost mementos, pictures, sentimental items and other sentimental value treasures.  The NFPA downloadable fact sheet on household fire damage due to outdoor grilling  gives us insight into the causes, injury and damage from these residential structure fires.   Downloadable pdf GrillFactSheet

“Grill Fact Sheet” is Reproduced from NFPA’s website,  © NFPA (2016),  NFPA does not grant permission for its content to be displayed on other Web sites.

Achieving Good Online Search Rank

Not-For-Profit Organizations:

Still Need To Be Found On Search Engines

Many people are searching online today looking for news, information, products and services.  To find what you want, the first place you usually try is a search engine.  Google is the most-used search engine, but there are many others such as Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and Duck Duck Go.  There isn’t a business that can operate today without having a website to showcase their products and services.  The World Wide Web is the best way for any business to get reviews and customers for their products and services.

To achieve good results in any search engine, there are certain key factors that need to be considered.  The goal of every business with a website is to ensure that they get the highest ranking in any kind of search that exists.  You definitely want your web site to appear first on any search engine.  If not first, then at least second or third. Research shows it is harder to get a person navigating beyond the third page in any search engine.  Thus, the importance of using the right SEO methods to get your page rank higher.

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the method used to try and ensure that web pages rank well.  There are both on-site and off-site optimization methods.  We are primarily discussing on-page in this article.  It starts with the way you design your web page.  First, you need to consider the amount and size of images you use in your website.  It is obvious the more pictures you put on your website the, more life you add to it.  However, you need to be mindful about the type of pictures you include.  Pictures that are too big or numerous hinder the page load speed.  Load speed affects  search rank and conversion.  Studies show it takes less than three seconds for someone to either like or dislike a page.  Your goal is to have visitors like your page, come back again and invite others.  The time to impress a visitor is very short.  You do not want to upset them with a slow loading page before they know what you are offering.

The domain name can also be another important factor to consider when it comes to page ranking.  Ideally, the title would make finding your search term easily, but this is not the case for search engines today.  The best web designers have ways to structure your information and page titles to help your page display higher in search results.  Many web authors tend to complicate the issue of keywords by using so many it causes over optimization.  Others fall into the trap of stuffing in too many and making the information unreadable.  While the use of keywords is important, it is recommended that the ratio be no more than 1-2% of the total words in the article.  The best practice would be to choose the main and several secondary keywords for each article and structure the information around them.

Although we have only discussed a very small part of search engine results, it gives you an idea of the type and breadth of information a good web designer must think about.  We have also touched upon the importance of the article structure itself and the need for better and higher quality content.